How to start an OnlyFans

Alright. You’ve made the decision to start a career on OnlyFans. Great choice! So what to do now? Where to get started and how to set up an OnlyFans profile? We will guide you in the process and help you to start an OnlyFans account.

Setup your OnlyFans account

The first step is clear; set up an OnlyFans account. You can create an OnlyFans account via the following page:

Once you sign up your account, you will have to verify your identity and your legal age. The platform requires an government-issued identity document, such as driver’s license or passport. Once your account is verified, people are be able to subscribe to your OnlyFans profile.

Basic Profile Settings

The first thing to do, after signing up, is set the basic profile settings. The profile is the first thing potential subscribers will see, when they visit your OnlyFans account. A first impression is very important, so please don’t rush this & set up a converting profile.

Username & display name

One of the most important settings, are the username & and display name. Are you already popular on another platform and are you planning to use that platform to convert your followers into subscribers? Then obviously choose the same or a similar username. Tips: if you’re starting out and don’t have an username yet, choose something related to your niche.

The username is most important, as that’s set once and unique. In addition, definitely don’t forget to claim the username on all other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, etc. So you can avoid that your username will be taken once you’re getting popular.

How to start an OnlyFans - Username and Display Name


As mentioned before, your profile will be the first thing potential subscribers see. So try to get their intention. When choosing a profile picture and banner, ask yourself: will this be interesting enough for people to subscribe? Make sure it’s clear and showing who you are. Having the same profile picture across different social media platforms, will definitely help for people to identify your account.

The banner is a landscape picture. It is similar to Twitter and Facebook banners. It is a great possibility to show more of yourself and what subscribers can expect on your OnlyFans page. Show your body and blur sensitive areas. It will make them curious and boost your subscribers.

OnlyFans Bio

The OnlyFans bio is a description box on your profile. You can add a description of 160 characters. Keep in mind, this is an important area to convert visitors into subscribers. You can keep it short & mysterious or exactly describe what your content is about.

Subscription Pricing

It’s time to decide how much you’re charging your subscribers per months, to see your content. Often, the subscription is not the primary income of creators. In fact, a lot of creators make their subscriptions free. More information can be found here: how to make money on OnlyFans.

You can edit the subscription price via settings -> subscription price and bundles.

When you initially set a pricing, make sure it’s not too low. As once it’s set, you don’t want to raise your prices. Once you raise your price, existing subscribers will need to accept your new pricing before there monthly subscription ends.

Keep in mind, you can also send locked content in your subscriber’s DM. Which means your subscribers need to pay an extra fee to unlock content. If you decide to use that, it would be recommend to keep your subscription pricing low or free. Subscribers may feel scammed, if they find out they often have to pay an extra fee to unlock content.

Extra Profile Settings

Well done, you’ve set all basic settings in your OnlyFans profile. Now it’s time to finish the profile settings.

Subscription bundles & Discount

Subscription bundles can be set up via settings -> promotions. Subscription bundles are a great opportunity to get people to subscribe for longer time periods.

OnlyFans offers the options to set up reduced pricing for 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions.

You can also set standard discounts or limited discounts via the promotion menu. A standard discount is usually not very effective. Running a sale for a limited number of subscribers, is often very succesful as scarcity sells.

Follower Amount

Via settings -> security -> show fans count, you can hide your follower amount. When you’re just starting out on OnlyFans, it’s recommended to hide the follower amount.

We recommend to unhide the follower after you hit around 200 subscribers.


If you want to hide your OnlyFans for specific countries, that’s possible to block countries. You can do this via settings -> privacy and safety -> block by country.

If you don’t want your family or friends to found out about your OnlyFans profile, you can block your country. Keep in mind, you will lose potential subscribers as your profile won’t be shown in the country.

Welcome Message

An imporant feature is the welcome message. Once someone subscribes to your profile, they will receive an automatic message via DM. This is important to start a relationship with your subscriber. A nice way to do that, is ask a question. Some examples of a welcome messages are:
– Hey! Thank you for subscribing. How is your day going?😈
– Welcome to my OnlyFans! What do I need to know about you?
– Guess what I’m doing at the moment…😏

Be creative. A good welcome message, can gain a great relationship with your subscriber.

How to Start an OnlyFans

Now you’ve set up your OnlyFans profile, you’re all set to start your career on OnlyFans. Start creating content and gain yourself an audience on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a great way to create an income for creators. Be consistent and creative. It’s important keep your content close to yourself. Don’t do things you will regret.