Create an OnlyFans Identity

If you pursue a career on OnlyFans, it might be a good choice to choose for an OnlyFans identity, that separates your personal life from your OnlyFans career. After all, you’re starting a business and you don’t want to be constantly acting as a different identity. What steps should you take, to separate your OnlyFans business from your personal life. In this guide we will help you.

Complete new identity

You will treat your OnlyFans as a business. That means, you will create new online socials for every platform. You don’t want to receive messages on your personal accounts, as that makes it hard to separate your personal life from your business.

Create a new email address. This makes it easy to keep your emails organized and does not mix them up with your personal emails. You can use Gmail or another email provider to sign up. We recommend Gmail, as Google has multiple great products and those are easy to use with a Google account.

Phone number
You can take a mobile plan and have a business phone number. Often, it will be helpful to have an extra business phone for your OnlyFans. But, at the start of your career that might be a bit too much. Another great option is getting a new online phone number. You can get one for free via Google Voice. Use the phone number to sign up on OnlyFans and other social platforms.

Google services
Google has plenty of online services to use as a content creator. Google Drive is easy to have all your files on your phone, PC and everywhere you go. That makes it easy to edit and post content from any place. Google Calender can be used to schedule your content program, agenda. Etc. Having a Google account definitely helps you in your journey as an OnlyFans content creator.

Username and Name

The most important part of your online identity, is your username and name. The username and name you’re choosing, need to be short and memorable. If someone comes across your socials, you want them to remember you. That makes it easier for them to subscribe to you.

Please, please, please try to use the same username and name across all platforms. You don’t want to lose potential followers/subscribers because they can’t find your profiles. Use the same username on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Telegram, etc. You can use to check if your usernames are available.

Choose an Username
Choosing an username is very important. It needs to perfect from the start, as you don’t want to change it later on. Make sure your username is related to your online identity. You can try to use your niche and combine it with your name. That will add on to your identity. Brainstorm, take the time and when you feel it’s perfect, you choose and claim the username across all social platforms.

OnlyFans Identity

Choosing an online identity for OnlyFans is important to separate your work and personal life. Therefor, it’s important to create a new email, phone number and social profiles. The most important steps to take:

  • Set up a new email address & phone number
  • Choose a memorable username and name
  • Create profiles across all social media platforms