OnlyFans Bio Tips & Ideas

Are you stuck with a bio that s*cks? Do you want to outstand with your bio, but can’t think of anything? If that is you, then we will learn you how to create the best OnlyFans bio. In this guide you will find tips and ideas for the best OnlyFans bio. Let’s convert visitors to subscribers!

What is an OnlyFans bio & why is it important?

The OnlyFans bio (about section) is a short description of your OnlyFans profile. It appears on your profile below your username and name. You have a maximum of 1000 characters to add a description.

The bio is important because it’s a leading factor in whether a visitor is going to subscribe to your profile or not. If someone is doubting about subscribing, the bio can be the final reason someone is subscribing.

Another factor is the OnlyFans search engines. OnlyFans doesn’t have an optimized search function, yet. Visitors can not browse through categories, such as ‘amateur’, ‘feet’, ‘bbw’, etc. By adding those words in your OnlyFans bio, users will be able to find your account via search engines. If you add keywords in your bio, people will be able to find your OnlyFans profile. It’s a great way to generate free traffic. See an example:


It’s SEO for OnlyFans. Find here more information about SEO: OnlyFans Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. At the end of this guide, we will show some examples of a good OnlyFans bio.

Write a good Bio

Alright. So you’re wondering; how to write a good OnlyFans bio? We will share the best tips and ideas we have. Follow those tips and I’m sure you will end up with a great, converting bio.

  1. Think about your Audience
    Ask yourself; what about my content is my main unique selling point? If you already have an audience, you can most likely tell from the comments and chats you’re getting. Another option is to look into your audience. Check content in communities. What are people commenting?

    Once you find out why your content is selling, you build your bio around that.
  2. Keep your bio simple & short
    Nothing is more annoying then an unclear, long bio. While OnlyFans offers you a maximum of 1,000 characters, it does not mean you need to use all of them. A converting OnlyFans bio, often only has a couple lines. More than that, is unnecessary. Use white spaces to keep your bio simple and clear.

    OnlyFans only shows the first line. The rest will be shown after a visitor clicks on the ‘view more’ button. Therefor, it’s important to have a catchy one-liner.
  3. Be Specific
    Your visitors want to know what type of content you’re posting. Therefor it’s important to be specific and clear about your content. Details important to mention are:
    • Niche; add keywords of your niche.
    • Type of content; do you post nudity, faceless content, fetishes, etc. Don’t promise content you’re not going to fulfil.
    • Upload frequency; are you posting daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    • Engaging; are you engaging with DM’s or not.
    • Custom content; are you offering custom content.
  4. Show Humanity
    Add personal hobbies, interests and other things you enjoy to your bio. Just like every other relationship, people are tend to create a relationship when they can level with someone. Common hobbies and interests will increase conversions.
  5. Social Media Links
    Do you have other social media platforms you’d like to link? Then you can do that as well. It’s a great idea, if you want to diversify your following and also monetize other platforms. On top of that, those platforms are also a great way to taste of your work.
  6. Keywords
    Just like any platform where you can search for content / profiles, SEO is important. On OnlyFans you can be found through the search bar and the suggestions menu. To increase the chances of being found, you can use keywords in your bio.

    Aside from OnlyFans’ search options, there is also third party search tools. OnlySearch is an example of that. A good bio will help you increase your ranks on such searching platforms.

    Your OnlyFans will also show up in Google. The first 160 characters of your OnlyFans bio will be used as meta description in Google. Keep that in mind, so you create a converting bio.
  7. Censored words
    OnlyFans has censored certain words. These words are highly inappropriate or initiate illegal content. Just make sure to avoid using those words.

    Want to know which words are censored on OnlyFans? Scroll through the list of banned words on OnlyFans.
  8. Legal Disclaimer
    Some people will care more than others about content being shared. If you want to discourage subscribers sharing content, you can add a legal disclaimer in your bio. An example of a legal disclaimer you can use: “All material contained on my OnlyFans page is copyright and owned by me. You do not have permission to save, share, repost, print, or play any of the material outside of my OnlyFans page. Failure to comply with this will result in legal action.
  9. Trial and error
    There is a small chance your first bio will be the best converting one. Even though you think you have the best bio possible, you can always try to switch up some things. The top creators in the industry, experiment with their bio to see what works best.

OnlyFans Bio Examples

As promised, we will show you some great examples of a good OnlyFans bio.


Why do you need a good bio?

OnlyFans is a very competitive platform. It is you versus hundreds of thousands of creators. You need to be unique & a bio a great opportunity to distinguish.

When a potential subscriber visits your OnlyFans profile, he needs to be triggered to subscribe. Your content is behind a paywall and your bio must be attractive enough for the visitor to subscribe and pay you a monthly fee.

OnlyFans Bio

To summarize all tips and ideas, your OnlyFans bio should:

  • Be clear, specific & accurate
  • Trigger conversion from visitor to subscriber
  • Help you increase your rankings in searching engines

While often a bio is being made quick, it should not be forgotten. It is a very important part of the conversion ratio. So take your time, create a bio and keep testing!